( Q1 ) How I can place the order?

(A) You may go online to our website https://kittensbreeders.com/ and reserve a kitten that you like. Click on the buy kitten button, fill out all the form information and submit. We will get back to you shortly

( Q2 ) How does shipping by cargo work?

(B) Shipping by cargo costs $300 regardless of the location. The Kitten flies alone in a carrier box. All types of cats can be shipped by cargo EXCEPT Exotic shorthair, Persian, and Burmese. 

We book a flight for your kitten 1 day before the delivery and send you flight details via email. 

To pick up your kitten, you have to go to the cargo facility at your airport, show your ID and provide the AWB number. 

What does “shipping with a nanny” mean?

It means that we are flying with a kitten in a cabin. You have to come to the airport and pick your kitten up after the flight has arrived. It costs between $400-550. Price depends on destination.

I was trying to pay online but my payment doesn’t go through. What can I do?

In most cases, this happens when you have a limit on your payment option. To fix this issue, You must contact your bank to allow this online payment.

( Q3 )Are you a breeder?

(C) no, we are an online store. We are an online store that works with breeders from USA, who breed as a hobby.

( Q4 )What type of payment do you accept?

(D) We accept ZELLE, CASHAPP and PAYPAL.